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Rheinfelden has much more to offer than the historic old town and the Feldschlösschen brewery. Did you know, for example, that outside the town there is one of only three sites in Switzerland where salt is mined? Or do you know the Roman city of Augusta Raurica with its beautiful amphitheatre and precious silver treasure?

On the trail of salt.

Group tours of the Riburg salt works are available for up to 20 people. Experience the large salt dome with the salt store and learn how the salt is extracted and ends up on your plate or as de-icing salt on the road. The Salt Museum in Schweizerhalle is also open to groups.

Information Riburg Salt Works

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Wunderwandern - Kulinarische Themenwanderungen im Fricktal.

Susanne Urben und Sybille Schumacher führen Sie auf ausgewählten Themen durch die zahlreichen Gebiete des Fricktals. Dabei werden Wandern in der Natur und kulinarische Köstlichkeiten im Glas verbunden und zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis.

Aktuelle Wanderungen

Wunderwandern Sagimuehlital Zopf und Getränk

Guided tours for groups

Are you a club, a company or are you looking for an idea for the next family celebration? Book your private group tour and learn more about the Roman city, salt or beer production.

Day offers for groups

Would you like to invest as little effort as possible in planning an excursion? Then book one of the ready-made day and half-day offers for your group.

Public guided tours and tour on your own

Are you in Rheinfelden spontaneously or would you like to discover Rheinfelden as a small group? Here you will find public guided tours or interactive visitor centres that you can visit on your own during opening hours.

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