Einfahrt Rhystärn, Schiff der Basler Personenschiffahrt, in Rheinfelden mit Brücke und Inseli

Experience the Rhine

The Rhine not only gave the city its name - it has also shaped the lives of its inhabitants on both banks for centuries. These can best be marvelled at on a boat trip. Or on one of the many hiking trails along the water.

Lock trip on the Rhine.

Cruising on the Rhine between Rheinfelden and Basel. Enjoy the breeze, the landscape and the delicious food on board on the big lock trip.

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Steuerhaus Rhystärn, Schiff der Basler Personenschifffahrt, bei der Schleuse Birsfelden

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Aargauer Hochrhein.

Discover the Amazon of Switzerland! The Aargau section of the Hochrhein stretches from the small town of Kaiserstuhl to the former Roman metropolis of Kaiseraugst. - before flowing on to Basel, Germany and the Netherlands and finally emptying into the North Sea.

Aargauer Hochrhein

Eating directly by the water.

What could be better than enjoying a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner directly on the banks of the river? These restaurants are waiting for you with an open Rhine terrace or a direct view of the raging river.

Restaurants with Rhine terrace

Restaurant Rhyblick im Hotel Schiff am Rhein Gaststube Rheinbrücke

On the Rhine

Swimming with the Wickelfisch.

In summer, swimming on the Rhine is one of the favourite pastimes of the people of Rheinfelden. When temperatures are hot, the Rhine is simply the best place to cool off. There are small beaches at numerous places - who wants to go to the seaside!?

But watch out! When swimming on the Rhine, there are also some danger warnings to be aware of.

Rhine swimming

Rheinschwimmen mit dem gelben Wickelfisch bei der Rheintreppe mit Sicht auf die Altstadt

Relax on the Rhine

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Hiking trails along the Rhine

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