Erntefrische Shrimp von SwissShrimp Rheinfelden

Shrimpsfarm «SwissShrimp»

SwissShrimp combines enjoyment, Swiss quality and sustainability. Visit the unique shrimp farm in Rheinfelden and learn more about how marine animals are raised and harvested sustainably and without antibiotics in a landlocked country.

Sustainable Rheinfelden shrimp.

For the breeding of the shrimps in Rheinfelden, the founders rely on a close partnership with the Swiss saltworks. The heat for the salt water pools (28° C) comes from waste heat from the saltworks in Rheinfelden.
The high quality is ensured by the know-how of the employees and the most modern farming methods. The use of antibiotics is consistently avoided.

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Besichtigung Shrimpsfarm SwissShrimp Rheinfelden

The tour of the shrimp farm lasts a total of about 90 minutes. It consists of a short presentation (approx. 30') and a personally guided tour of the farm in small groups (approx. 60').
The air in the production area is about 30°C warm (T-shirt temperature!) and the pools can only be reached by climbing stairs. A good physical condition is a prerequisite for the tour.

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Erntefrische Shrimp von SwissShrimp Rheinfelden

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Would you like to enjoy SwissShrimp in a Rheinfeld restaurant? The restaurant Bellerive in the Park Hotel am Rhein and the Schützen restaurant have SwissShrimp on their menus. 


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Shrimp are harvested to order only. Order your shrimp today and get them delivered to your door the following day in the convenient fresh box.

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