Puzzle Trails

Whether it's a murder mystery or a scavenger hunt, Rheinfelden has a number of exciting puzzles to solve. This is an adventurous way to discover the town.


Crime Trail.

Who has Kaspar Blatter on his conscience? Find out on the crime trail. Solve a thrilling criminal case and explore the beautiful Städtli at the same time.

Crime Trail

Krimi-Trail durch Rheinfelden: Paar im Rathaus-Innenhof beim Studieren der Krimi-Akte

Detective Trail.

Go on a puzzle adventure through Rheinfelden with the detective badger. An experience for the whole family. And whoever solves all the riddles correctly can crack the treasure chest at the end.

Detective Trail

Detektiv-Trail Geissengehege

Rhine Bank Rally.

On this cross-border hike, both Rheinfelden can be discovered along the banks. The 15 exciting question stations offer a great change of pace.

Rhine bank rally

Familie beim Inseli am Rheinufer

Quiz game with Sammy Salm in the Fricktal Museum.

Until December 10, 2023, the exhibition "Rhein geschaut!" can be discovered playfully with Sammy Salm. The quiz is included in the museum admission. Those who solve all the tasks correctly will receive a small gift at the end.

Sammy is looking forward to all big, small, young or young-at-heart quiz players.

Exhibition "Rhein geschaut! - Facets of life on the High Rhine

Fricktal Museum

Fricktaler Museum Rhein geschaut Ausstellung

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