Saline Riburg Lagerhalle mit Salzbergen

Swiss Salt Works Riburg

Do you know how salt gets onto your plate or onto the road? Find out how the salt, which lies deep underground, is mined and used as de-icing salt to facilitate Swiss winter road maintenance.

Guided tours.

The Riburg Salt Works has been in operation since 1848. Today it specialises in the production of bulk salt. The site Riburg up to 50 tons of salt per hour is produced.

Discover the Salt Works on a guided tour and see one of the largest evaporators in Europe. In addition to the operations in the evaporator hall, there are also two former drill houses to discover. When visiting drill house no. 7, the rhythmic movements of an old piston pump draw you in. In the neighbouring Drill House no. 8, the historic drilling rotary table startles visitors with its screeching.

Schweizer Salinen Riburg mit Saldomen, Verdampferanlagen, Büroräumlichkeiten aus der Luft

The highlight of the tour is the insight into the Saldome®.

This salt storage hall is the largest domed building in Switzerland. The Saldome® provides space for 80,000 tonnes of de-icing salt. The large warehouse is the logistical core of the de-icing salt supply for Switzerland.

Are you travelling alone or in a small group? Take part in one of the public guided tours.

Registration for public guided tour

Gruppenführung Saline Riburg Rheinfelden Salzlagerhalle Foto

Get married in the Salt Work.

While you take unforgettable photos at the couple shooting in the impressive Saledom and under the blossoming trees, your guests enjoy a guided tour through the Riburg Salt Works. At the joint aperitif with salt biscuits and, if desired, Swiss shrimps, everyone can toast together.

Getting married in the Swiss Saltworks

Saline Riburg Lagerhalle mit Salzbergen

Discover where the salt comes from

Further information

Offer for groups

  • Availability: Monday to Saturday
  • Price: CHF 12 per person. Children (5-16 years): CHF 6.-. Minimum charge per guided tour: CHF 50.-.
  • Duration: 2h
  • Suitable from 10 years.
  • not wheelchair accessible

Content of the guided tour

  • The entertaining short film "Gipfelstürmer", set in the Riburg and Schweizerhalle Salt Works
  • Guided tour of the evaporator hall
  • Tour of the historic Drill House No. 7
  • Insight into the impressive Saldome2

Contact & booking

Schweizer Rheinsalinen
P.O. Box
4133 Pratteln
+41 61 825 51 51

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