Gruppenbild Stadtführer Rheinfelden um den Wappentisch

Guided tours through Rheinfelden

Rheinfelden is the oldest town in the canton of Aargau. The city guides will take you on a journey from the past to the future. Choose your personal favourite from over fifteen city tours and experience the history of Rheinfelden on a guided city walk.

Current Covid Measures.

Public city tours and private group tours are possible under the observance of the protective measures and up to 24 persons per group.

  • Group tours are accessible without a certificate. A mask must be worn indoors.
  • Public tours are accessible without a certificate. Interior rooms cannot be visited.
  • Culinary tours are only accessible with a certificate.

Please purchase your ticket for the public tours in advance directly online or contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

Davina Benkert alias Louise de Sancerre auf einer Stadtführung durch Rheinfelden

Public tours.

Join one of the public tours and discover the old town. In German only.

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Stadtführung die Pest in Rheinfelden: Stadtführer in der Kirche St. Martin vor dem Pestaltar

Guided tours of Rheinfelden.

Listen to the noble Louise de Sancerre, who talks about her stay at the spa in Rheinfelden in 1911. Or get to know the most beautiful corners and stories of the Zähringer town on the classic guided tour of the old town. There is a wide choice of themed tours.

Please buy your ticket for the public tours in advance directly online or contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

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Stadtführer Robi Conrad auf der Stadtführung Leben, Lieben und Leiden im Mittelalter beim Stadtpark und der Gottesackerkapelle Rheinfelden

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New guided tour: Bienvenue à Rheinfelden-les-Bains.

Experience Louise de Sancerre, who visited Rheinfelden in 1911 as a spa guest at the Grand Hôtel des Salines. She tells you about everyday life at the spa and about the exciting personalities who enjoyed the healthy brine water with her.

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Susanne Ammann alias Louise de Sancerre auf der Stadtführung durch Rheinfelden

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