Neues Kraftwerk Rheinfelden mit Gwild

Exhibition pavilion power station 1898

The demolished Rheinfelden hydroelectric power plant was the beginning of a Europe-wide power grid. The exhibition aims to bring the pioneering spirit of one of Europe's oldest power plants to life.

One of the oldest hydroelectric power stations in Europe.

The pavilion is located near the site of the old Rheinfelden hydroelectric power station - one of the oldest hydroelectric power stations in Europe.

altes Wasserkraftwerk Rheinfelden mit Eisenbrücke

Exhibition on the importance of the power plant for Rheinfelden.

The centerpiece of the interactive exhibition is "Machine 10" from 1898. On the first floor of the exhibition pavilion you will find a turbine runner with the guide vane. The upper floor shows a generator with the turbine governor and an interactive monitor on the history of the power station. The 1:40 scale model of the old power station also attracts attention and illustrates the differences to the power station's current location. With the help of a video and spectacular images from yesterday and today, you can immerse yourself in the world of energy generation in Rheinfelden.

Energiedienst Pavillon Kraftwerk von aussen

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The pavilion can be explored independently and is part of the Rheinufer-Rundweg. There are no guided tours.

You can findthe exact opening times on the naturenergie website

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A tour of the new power plant can be requested from naturenergie.


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