Interregio Wanderweg Rheinbrücke mit Blick auf die Altstadt Rheinfelden

Hike, Bike & Sports

A walk or a long-distance hike? The Rhine route by bike or a stand-up paddling tour on the Rhine? Rheinfelden is just the right place for active leisure activities and excursions. Circular walks and national routes start here. Inexpensive accommodation or dignified hotels provide the necessary relaxation.

Hikes in Rheinfelden.

Long-distance hiking trails or leisurely strolls? Rheinfelden is the starting point for numerous hikes. Discover the beautiful Rhine landscapes or the foothills of the Jura on foot. There are numerous hiking trails to choose from.

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Wanderwege Rheinfelden Wanderer bei der Rheintreppe mit Altstadt und Rheinbrücke

Barbecue areas & fireplaces.

How about a fine snake bread or a sausage over the fire? Rheinfelden has numerous resting places for a nice campfire or a barbecue in nature.

Barbecue sites & fireplaces


Historische Salzstrasse Schild Schifflände Rheinfelden

Cycling along the Rhine.

In and around Rheinfelden there are great bike routes that lead along the Rhine or through the forest. We recommend the Rhine route for endurance biking fans, while the Rheinfelden wellness tour is ideal for the more leisurely.

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Bike & bicycle parking

Rheinfelder Wellness-Tour Velofahrer auf der Rheinbrücke mit Blick auf die Altstadt

Other activities

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