Wanderer auf dem Waldlehrpfad bei einer Sterneiche

Forest nature trail (Z)Eichenwald

The trail tells the story of the forest and the Rheinfeld oaks on numerous stelae. Take a deep breath and enjoy the time in the forest with all your senses.

Fancy a walk in the woods?

Then immerse yourself in the (Z)Eichenwald (Oak) forest nature trail. Experience the forest and learn what makes it tick. Take a deep breath and enjoy your time in the forest.

Wanderroute Zeichenmischwald Wahllehrpfad mit Bäumen

Information boards.

The interested walker learns interesting facts about biodiversity, oak care and forest management. Each panel contains information on climate change and its effects on nature. The start of this beautiful hike is the Schiffacker in Rheinfelden. From there, the route leads through the forest to the Steppberg and back to the starting point.

Waldlehrpfad Informationstafeln zum Eichenwaldreservat Rheinfelden

Map & Elevation Profile

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Highlights on this hike

  • Star oaks: the oldest oaks in the Rheinfeld forest are marked with a star.
  • 20 information boards distributed, each dedicated to a theme of the mixed oak forest

Characteristics of the route

  • Distance: 5.6km
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Start/finish: Schiffacker sports ground

Altitude profile and map


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