Rheinschwimmen mit dem gelben Wickelfisch bei der Rheintreppe mit Sicht auf die Altstadt

Rhine Swimming

Swimming in the Rhine is a refreshing pleasure, especially in summer! Here you can find out more about the recommended swimming distance and the dangerous spots in the Rhine.

Especially on hot summer days, swimming in the Rhine is a welcome way to cool off.

From the river, you can admire the Swiss and the German Rheinfelden from a completely different perspective. On the German shore, you can see industrial buildings, followed by the green of the forest and the harbour. On the banks of the Swiss city, the historic old town, the Inseli and finally the natural landscapes until the Strandbad Rheinfelden. It is also an experience to drift under the Rhine bridge that connects the sister cities.

Stadtpark Rheinfelden Ost Liegen zum Rhein

Experienced Rhine swimmers get in at Stadtpark Ost by the Rhine steps and float past the old town facades and under the bridge. Important: In the direction of flow of the Rhine, it is imperative to use the left, outermost arch of the bridge.

Caution when swimming on the Rhine!

For first-time Rhine swimmers, we recommend starting at the Inseli. From there, the current will carry you to the lido at Strandbad Rheinfelden. It's best to park at the KUBA / Strandbad Rheinfelden car park beforehand and secure admission to the lido. Then walk along the footpath to the Rhine bridge and the Inseli. After the Rhine swim, relax in the lido and enjoy the sun.

On all routes, the boat of the Basler Personenschifffahrt and other boats have priority. Further recommendations for Rhine swimming in the following brochure (in German only).


Rheinschwimmen mit dem gelben Wickelfisch bei der Rheintreppe mit Sicht auf die Altstadt

Further information

Good to know

The Rhine is an unpredictable body of water. Therefore, please observe the hazard warnings for swimming in the Rhine.

Dangers Rhine swimming (German only)


The wrap-around fish is not a flotation device and is only used to carry valuables and clothing.

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Contact and booking

Rhine rescue service of the Rheinfelden fire brigade
Riburgerstrasse 8
4310 Rheinfelden
General concerns: +41 61 833 80 10
Emergency number: 118
International emergency number: 112

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