Wanderung Rheinufer-Rundweg mit Sicht auf Altstadtdächer, Brücke und Rhein

Rheinfelder Rheinufer-Rundweg

Discover the extremely varied nature and information boards on the settlement history of the two Rheinfelden towns on this walk lasting around a hundred minutes.

This is a cross-border walk. Please note the current entry regulations of Switzerland and Germany.

The most popular walkway.

In this environment, between the old Rhine bridge and the footbridge at the power station, a wonderful, attractive and exciting leisure activity has developed over decades: The Rheinufer-Rundweg. It leads along the shores of the Rhine and is a very popular walking trail for residents but equally so for visitors from near and far. On this walk you can enjoy the extremely varied nature.

On special information boards you will learn interesting information about the flora and fauna, various buildings and life here on the common border.

Wanderer auf dem Rheinufer-Rundweg bei der Rheintreppe im Stadtpark Ost
Rheinbrücke Rheinfelden mit Inseli Luftaufnahme

Discovering sister towns: Rheinfelden/AG and Rheinfelden (Baden)

The two towns of Rheinfelden could not be more different.

On the Swiss side, a town that has a turbulent history and has had town charter for almost 900 years.

On the German side, a still young town which has grown up in connection with the construction of the hydroelectric power station.

And between the two towns flows the Rhine, which forms the common national border. Fortunately, the times when a border still had a divisive effect have changed. Today, the Rhine forms a connecting element, which is reinforced by several bridges between the two towns.

Karte & Höhenprofil

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More information

Highlights on this hike

  • Old Rhine bridge
  • Cross-border hike: discovering both Rheinfelden
  • Power station and exhibition pavilion Power Station 1898

Characteristics of the route

  • Distance: 6km
  • Duration: 1h30 - 2h00
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Start/finish: Old Rhine bridge, Rheinfelden

Elevation profile and map


Tourismus Rheinfelden
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4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 52 00

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