Luftansicht Rheinfelden Inseli Burgstell mit Brücke und Altstadt im Hintergrund

Inseli Burgstell

The Castle Stein used to stand on the Inseli. That is why it is also called Burgstell. It was the residence of King Rudolf of Rheinfelden. Today it is a beautiful park with a view of the Rhine and the old town.

The home of the Counts of Rheinfelden.

On the island, the Counts of Rheinfelden built the Castle Stein in the 10th century because of its strategically favourable position. After the death of Rudolf von Rheinfelden, the Zähringers and later King Rudolf von Habsburg inhabited the castle. In 1446 it was razed to the ground during the war between Austria and Basel. From 1685-1745 an artillery fortress also stood on the rock.

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Skizze der Burg Stein auf dem Inseli mit Stadtmauer

Rhine bridge to the Inseli.

In the 12th century, a bridge was built from both banks to the Burgstell. The tree-covered shell limestone rock, called «Inseli», divides the 147-metre-long bridge into 2 sections angled at about 120 degrees from each other.

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Brücke nach Deutschland mit Wappen und Inseli

Today a park.

Not far from the bridge, north of the former castle chapel on the «Inseli», is one of the deepest parts of the Rhine, the legendary St. Anna's Hole. Today the Inseli is an idyllic park with views of the Rhine and the old town.

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Parkanlage auf dem Inseli mit Springbrunnen und der Rheinbrücke Richtung Deutschland im Hintergrund

Royal works of art.

The four-part work of art by Christina Frey can also be admired on the Burgstell. It shows the history of the rulers of Rheinfelden. Right next to the stairs is a statue of Agnes von Rheinfelden, the daughter of Rudolf von Rheinfelden, who was the counter-king of Henry IV. There is also a ruler's crown and Rudolf's hand in oath, as well as another memorial stone in the park.

Art in public space

Kunstwerk Agnes Krone von Rudolf von Rheinfelden auf dem Inseli mit Blick zum Rhein und Statue Judith

Further information

Good to know

The Inseli is a popular place for bathing or swimming in the Rhine with the waterproof swim bag Wickelfisch. Please note the danger warnings for Rhine swimming.

Dangers Rhine swimming


The Inseli is public land and accessible at all times.


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