Gasthaus goldener Adler Rheinfelden am Obertorplatz und Geissgasse

Gasthaus zum goldenen Adler

The building on Obertorplatz is one of the most beautiful sights in Rheinfelden. It was a tavern, a trade shop and a hotel with a brine bath.

Tavern to the golden eagle.

The eastern part of the building dates back to the first half of the 14th century. According to a deed of sale, a tavern had existed there since at least 1580. In 1726 an innkeeper acquired the two adjoining properties to the west. The three houses were then combined with a common south façade and a mansard roof.

Fassade Gasthaus goldener Adler Rheinfelden mit Anbau und Terrasse

Imposing inn sign.

In 1765 the son of the innkeeper had the building converted into a representative residential building. Due to its location at the northern entrance to the town, right next to the Obertor Tower, it also served as a customs office until 1832. After that, the family ran a spezerei- and hardware store in it.

The inn sign of the former inn is one of the most magnificent in Rheinfeld's old town and shows the Habsburg double-headed eagle.

Wirtshausschild Gasthaus Goldener Adler Rheinfelden

Hotel Adler with brine bath.

A new owner set up a brine bath hotel in the building in 1896. For this purpose he had the attic converted and an adjoining barn fitted out with guest rooms. At this time many hotels and accommodation with brine baths were built in Rheinfelden, such as the Hotel Schützen Rheinfelden or the Grand Hôtel des Salines.

In 1946, a massive reconstruction of the ground floor took place, followed by a renovation of the façade from 1961 to 1963. The overall restoration from 1994 to 1996 was connected with the conversion into an apartment building. In the process, the original room proportions were restored by removing partition walls that had been built in later.

Gasthaus goldener Adler Rheinfelden am Obertorplatz und Geissgasse

Further information

Good to know

Today the house consists of various apartments and offices. Therefore, the building is only accessible to the public from the outside.

Hotels with brine baths

The end of the 19th century was the heyday of the spa town of Rheinfelden, with several brine bath hotels that were famous throughout Europe. Rich and noble people let themselves be cured by the natural brine® of Rheinfelden. Today, only two hotels still have brine baths: the Hotel EDEN im Park and the Park-Hotel am Rhein with the wellness world "sole uno".


The former Gasthaus zum goldenen Adler is located at the Obertorplatz and can be reached via Obertorturm, Geissgasse or Kupfergasse.

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