Glockenspiel im Rumpel Rheinfelden mit Schneider und Brunnen

Carillon in the Rumpel

The most popular sight in Rheinfelden, especially among families with children. The carillon in the Rumpel with the goat reminds us of the cunning tailor who saved Rheinfelden from the Swedes.

A goat as a mascot.

The goat is something like the mascot of Rheinfelden. For example, a special alley is dedicated to the goats, and their stone or plastic images can be seen in many places in the old town. The live goats at the Storchennestturm are particularly popular with families with children. Even a special guided tour of the town for young visitors has been dedicated to the sweet animal. The beautiful house «zum Schiefen Eck» shows why the goat is such an important animal for the town of Rheinfelden.

Rheinfelden goats

Zwei junge Geissli im Geissengehäge beim Storchennestturm Rheinfelden


The carillon is enthroned on the north side of the «zum Schiefen Eck» building and recalls the legend of the tailor who saved Rheinfelden from the Swedes during the 30 Years' War. He sewed himself into the skin of the last slaughtered billy goat and walked around the town wall bleating. The sight of the supposedly well-fattened animal gave the already siege-weary Swedes the rest and they spared the town.

Four times a day the goat walks over the «city wall» with musical accompaniment by the chimes.

Nahaufnahme Glockenspiel Rheinfelden im Rumpel mit Geiss und Schneider

In the Rumpel.

Where the name Rumpel comes from is not known. It could come from the rumbling of the carts on the cobblestones or the junk of the residents, which was deposited here in the backyard. Remarkable are the many deflecting stones at the corners of the houses, which should protect against the wheel hubs of the carts passing too closely.

Glockenspiel im Rumpel Rheinfelden mit Schneider und Brunnen

Listen to the carillon in the Rumpel

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The goat walks the «city wall» at 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm with musical accompaniment by the carillon.

Family tour: the cunning tailor

This guided tour is specially designed for children from kindergarten age and tells the story of the tailor in a child-friendly way.

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