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The non-profit foundation Gesundheitsforum Rheinfelden has set itself the goal of supplementing the existing range of preventive medicine with its own actions. It aims to make a contribution to the high quality of life in Rheinfelden.

The foundation is committed to creating health-promoting offers for the population and visitors of Rheinfelden. Politically and denominationally independent, it is financed by an annual contribution from the town of Rheinfelden and numerous sponsor contributions.

The annual «Coop-Andiamo» event organised by schweiz.bewegt motivates whole families to enjoy physical activity. Various themed walks combine exercise with insights into exciting nature, health and environmental topics and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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The Foundation also maintains existing sports and exercise facilities that meet the Foundation's purpose. For example, the Helsana Trail or the Hopfen& Malz hiking trail.


The annual programme of the Rheinfelden Health Forum Foundation as well as current offers and workshops can be found on the website.

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