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Fitness course Stadtpark West

An exercise programme in the open air. In Stadtpark West , six fitness machines serve to strengthen physical vitality and mobility.

Fitness in the park.

The circuit through Stadtpark West offers a wonderful view of the Rhine - and also the opportunity to exercise. Six fitness machines form a course for seniors and people who want to keep fit with a light and gentle exercise program.

The fitness equipment was selected in cooperation with a physiotherapist. The equipment promotes strength, endurance and mobility of various muscles and joints. Signs on each piece of equipment explain how the exercise should be done and for how long.

Fitnessparcours Stadtpark West verschiedene Geräte Rheinfelden

Further information

Good to know

The fitness trail was made possible by the town of Rheinfelden. The Stiftung Gesundheitsforum Rheinfelden takes care of the maintenance.


The devices can be used independently and without prior registration.


City of Rheinfelden
Municipal Construction Office
Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 52 55

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