Wanderwege Rheinfelden Wanderer bei der Rheintreppe mit Altstadt und Rheinbrücke

Walking & hiking trails

Long-distance hiking trails or leisurely strolls? Rheinfelden is the starting point for numerous hikes.

Rheinfelder Sterneichen.

Do you know the star oaks? In reference to the 9 stars in the Rheinfeld coat of arms, 9 oaks are marked in the Rheinfeld forest.

Visit individual star oaks or combine them into a hike. Here you can find out more about the location and significance of the oaks.

Rheinfelder Sterneichen

Wandern Sterneiche Zwei Markierung Rheinfelden

Follow the trail of the salt

Barbecue areas & fireplaces.

Rheinfelden has numerous resting places with the possibility to grill sausages and bread over the fire. You can find all the fireplaces on the map of AargauOutdoor.

Fireplaces in Rheinfelden

Feuerstelle Grill Schiffacker Rheinfelden

Übersicht Wanderwege in der Region Rheinfelden.