Kronleuchter im Rathaussaal mit Rheinfelder Wappen

Rheinfelden Town Hall

The town hall is a hidden bijou full of history. It is located in the town hall and can be reached via the Gothic staircase in the inner courtyard. Inside, magnificent Habsburg rulers' paintings and coats of arms await. Anyone wishing to marry in Rheinfelden can celebrate their civil wedding here.

Cultural asset of regional importance.

On the night of 11 February 1531, the old town hall of Rheinfelden fell victim to a fire. Shortly afterwards, a new building was erected using the medieval tower that had been spared by the fire.

This late Gothic building forms the core of today's town hall.

Rathaussaal Rheinfelden mit Herrscherbilder Richtung Rhein

Coats of arms & rulers' pictures.

The large council chamber was decorated on the northern and southern sides with coats of arms from the Ropsteinwerksatt in Freiburg im Breisgau. These were donated by Austrian sovereigns, friendly forest towns and the county of Hauenstein, as well as by local noblemen who were in the service of the Habsburgs.

10 portraits of princes and 8 of citizens represent personalities from the history of Rheinfelden: Emperor Ferdinand I and Maria Theresa, among others.

Rathaussaal Rheinfelden Familie Gemälde Maria Theresia

Civil weddings in Rheinfelden.

Are you planning to get married? To make your wedding an unforgettable celebration, weddings can take place in the beautiful Town Hall. The historic hall directly on the Rhine is a real bijou and the staircase leading up to the hall is a popular photo subject.

Do you have any questions about marriage? The team at the Rheinfelden Civil Registry Office will be happy to help.

Regional registry office

Rathaussaal Rheinfelden von Osten mit Herrscherbildern und Holzbänken

Further information

Good to know

The Rathaussaal is an official wedding room of the Rheinfelden District Civil Registry Office.

Marriage in Rheinfelden


The town hall can only be visited as part of a guided tour of the town or a civil marriage ceremony.

Guided tours of Rheinfelden


Municipality of Rheinfelden
Town office, Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 51 11

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