Johanniterkommende Rheinfelden mit Innenhof


The Johanniterkommende was a religious house of the Knights of St. John or Maltese. It was founded in 1212 and dissolved in 1806.

Founded by the knight Berchtold of Zähringen.

Knight Berchtold of Rheinfelden, a servant of the Zähringen dynasty, founded the Kommende in 1212. It was initially located outside the city walls, west of the Upper Gate. It served as a hospital for the poor and pilgrims. The octagonal white St John's cross on a red background can only still be seen next to the St John's chapel.

After it was attacked and completely destroyed around 1450 by noble warriors disguised as pilgrims, the commander Johann Loesel had the Kommende rebuilt within the town. It was not subject to the city's legal system and enjoyed tax exemption.

After the introduction of the Reformation in Basel, the Kommende there was closed and the members of the order moved to Rheinfelden, which had remained Catholic.

Johannitergasse mit Eingang zum Hof der Johanniterkommende

Decline of the Knights of St. John or Maltese.

Due to a lavish lifestyle, the financial situation deteriorated visibly in the course of the 16th and 17th centuries. The Kommende was forced to sell off its property bit by bit.

Franz Joseph Dietschy, founder of the Salmenbräu brewery, bought the remaining property at auction and set up an agricultural business in the Kommende. After a complete renovation in 2003, the building was converted into apartments.

Johanniterkommende Rheinfelden mit Innenhof

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Below the associated Johanniterkapelle, the «Känzeli» is a beautiful square directly on the Rhine, which invites you to linger and offers a beautiful view of the Messerturm and the Rhine bridge.


The buildings of the former Johanniterkommende contain private apartments. They are therefore not accessible to the public.

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