Kommandantenhaus Rheinfelden neben der Kapuzinerkirche

Commandant's House

The Commandant's House was the residence of the Austrian commanders in Rheinfelden during Habsburg times. This can be seen above all in the eagle and the coat of arms on the façade.

House of the commanding commander.

The commandant's house stands on Kapuzinergasse right next to the Capuchin church. In the Middle Ages, this was a preferred residential area for the city nobility and wealthy citizens.

As early as the 13th century, houses built in stone were erected there. The commandant's house is said to have been one of these buildings and housed the garrison chief during Habsburg-Austrian rule. In the event of a threat, he commanded up to 800 men.

Kommandantenhaus Rheinfelden neben der Kapuzinerkirche

Austrian coat of arms with eagle.

In 2003 the building and the facade were extensively renovated and restored for the last time. Today there are various apartments in the house.

However, the eagle and the coat of arms above the entrance door still show that the Austrians were once in charge here.

Kommandantenhaus Rheinfelden mit österreichischem Adler über der Eingangstüre

Ruedi Hofer, city guide since 1982

Porträt Stadtführer Ruedi Hofer

"Number 12, 14 and 16 on Kapuzinergasse were originally individual houses.

At the end of the 17th century they were combined into one manor house and for 115 years were the seat of the commander of the Austrian troops. After 1800 this large house was again separated into the original three parts.

Through marriage and childbirth, my wife and daughter also experienced this home until late 1974.

Every time I stand with a group in front of the house with the Austrian eagle, memories come back of the first residence with the small backyard, adjacent to the city wall, and the refrigerated compartments below.."

Kommandantenhaus Rheinfelden Nahaufnahme mit Adler, österreichischem Wappen und Fenster

Further information

Good to know

Rheinfelden belonged to Austria for almost 1000 years. It was not until the founding of the Swiss Confederation that the region around Rheinfelden was assigned to the canton of Aargau.


Today there are private apartments in the building. Therefore, the house is not open to the public.


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