Rheinuferweg Via Rhenana Kraftwerk Säckingen

Way of St. James High Rhine

The Way of St. James is a pilgrimage route that leads to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Churches, chapels and monasteries can be found along the trail, which runs through the whole of Europe. Part of it also passes through Switzerland.

Via Jacobi.

In Switzerland, the Via Jacobi is marked as number 4. It connects Lake Constance with Lake Geneva. There are also numerous connecting trails. One of them is the Hochrhein-Weg. Rheinfelden is a stage point. From here, one stage leads to Basel, the other to Säckingen.

Jakobsmuschel Jakobsweg Rheinfelden

Stage Bad Säckingen - Rheinfelden.

This stage leads for the most part directly along the banks of the Rhine. The calm flow of the river and the quiet woods make this a particularly relaxing hike. Near Möhlin are remains of the «Bürkli» complex and a few crumbled Roman watchtowers. The path then turns off to the Riburg salt works, where salt is mined. After the power station, the trail leads into the beautiful historic old town of Rheinfelden, the stage destination.

  • Distance: 20.9km
  • Duration: 5h15
  • Difficulty: easy/medium

Map & altitude profile

Schloss Beuggen auf der Via Rhenana

Stage Rheinfelden - Basel.

From Rheinfelden along the Rhine to Kaiseraugst, the former Roman settlement of Augusta Raurica with its still well-preserved amphitheatre. Through the Birsfelder Hard, a large woodland area, the path leads to the small river Birs to Birsfelden in Canton Baselland. The path then crosses the border to the city of Basel. From Basel Münster the route continues to the Mittlere Brücke, the stage finish in the middle of the city.

  • Distance: 19.6km
  • Duration: 5h00
  • Difficulty: easy/medium

Map & altitude profile

Zwei Wanderer in Rheinfelden auf dem Rheinuferweg Via Rhenana

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Route properties

  • Distance: approx. 19km each way
  • Duration: 5h00 to 5h15
  • Difficulty: medium to easy
  • Start/finish: Old town Rheinfelden


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