Fricktaler Höhenweg blauer Wegweiser mit Lindenblatt Schweiz Tourismus

Fricktaler Höhenweg

In spring, white cherry blossoms and lush meadows attract hikers to the beautiful high-level trail across the Fricktal. In autumn it is the colourful leaves and lovely hilly landscape that make the trail so popular. But the three stages also have their charm in the clear winter air: the views over the Black Forest and Baselbiet.


Stage 1: Starting point is the Zähringer town of Rheinfelden, where there are numerous sights to discover in the picturesque old town. The route, just under 10km long, first leads over the wooded Steppberg up to the elongated hilltop of the «Magdener Galgen». The path climbs over the ridge to the Sonnenberg lookout tower and resting place. From the platform of the Sonnenberg tower, the panoramic view is magnificent! Following the trail leads down to the village of Zeiningen.

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Section 2: From a bus stop in Zeiningen, after an ascent to «Burgacherhof», you reach the scenic forest edge of the Zeiningerberg above the vineyards. Following the Spitzgraben uphill is the scenic «Chriesiberg» (450 m). Towards the Schupfart airfield (545 m) you march across the fertile Table Jura plateau of «Looberg» (571 m) and «Wabrig» (556 m). You soon reach your destination, the lovely Fricktal village of Wegenstetten.

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Origin: Max Mahrer from Möhlin initiated the Fricktaler Höhenweg in 1988 and still maintains it today. The trails are signposted with blue hiking trail signs, marked with the Fricktaler linden leaf. The almost 60-kilometre-long trail can be explored in three to five stages. It can be completed from both sides and in places requires good surefootedness and a head for heights.

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Wanderweg Fricktaler Höhenweg mit Kirschbäumen

All stages: Map & Elevation Profile

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Highlights on this hike

  • Fricktal Table Jura
  • Views of the Black Forest and the Basel region
  • White cherry blossoms in spring

Information about the route

  • Route: 60km
  • Duration: 15h00
  • Difficulty: medium to demanding
  • Start/finish: Rheinfelden and/or Mettau

Altitude profile and map


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