Wasserkraftwerk Rheinfelden Aussen Luftaufnahme

Rheinfelden hydropower plant

Find out what a hydroelectric power plant looks like from the inside and how the power of water is turned into electricity. The guided tours on site are offered by naturenergie.

Rheinfelden power plant.

The Rheinfelden hydropower plant was built between 2003 and 2012 and has 4 double regulating bulb turbines and 1 doped turbine. With an output of 100 megawatts, the power plant produces an average of 600 million kilowatt hours per year.


Wasserkraftwerk Rheinfelden Wehr

Guided tour of the power plant.

During a two-hour tour, you will not only learn how a power plant works, what ecological measures have been implemented and much more. The Energiedienst employees will also show you the history of industrialization and the operators' visions for the future. You can also experience the Gwild with its fish ladder and the powerhouse up close. Or accompany Emil Rathenau, founder of AEG and driving force behind the construction of the old Rheinfelden power plant, on a scenic tour.

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Wasserkraftwerk Rheinfelden Aussen

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Public guided tours and private group tours can be requested directly from naturenergie.

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Visits to the 1898 power station exhibition pavilion

The Rheinfelden hydroelectric power station of 1898 was the beginning of a Europe-wide electricity network. The exhibition aims to bring the pioneering spirit of one of Europe's oldest power stations to life. The pavilion can be explored independently. There are no guided tours.

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