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Grand Hôtel des Salines

The Grand Hôtel des Salines is a hotel building northeast of the old town. Today, the former Solbadhotel is home to the Parkresort Rheinfelden with the wellness world "sole uno" and the Park-Hotel am Rhein.

Luxurious spa hotel.

The long building complex is located on the banks of the Rhine, to the east of the city park and behind the spa centre built in the 1970s. The exterior of the three-storey neo-Gothic west wing with mansard roof has remained largely unchanged since the time of its construction. Inside, the dining rooms on the ground floor, the vestibule and the staircase have essentially been preserved, decorated in a restrained Art Nouveau style.

As a luxury hotel, it was the social centre of the Sole health resort for several decades. Due to declining demand, the hotel had to be closed in 1963 and stood empty.

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Park-Hotel Rheinfelden & Salina Clinic.

The east wing has been used again as a hotel(Park-Hotel am Rhein) since 1978, the middle section as a senior citizens' residence. The listed west wing, which is also classified as a cultural asset of regional importance, houses the Salina Clinic. They are all part of the Parkresort Rheinfelden.

Anlage Parkresort Rheinfelden Ansicht Rhein mit Park-Hotel am Rhein und Klinik Salina

Further information

Good to know

Rheinfelden has been an official wellness destination since 2015. However, the spa and health resort tradition goes back much further - to the discovery of salt deposits in the mid-19th century.

European spa

In its heyday towards the end of the 19th century, rich and noble people from all over Europe visited the spa. There was even a direct train connection between Paris and Rheinfelden.


Parkresort Rheinfelden
Roberstenstrasse 33
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 08 35

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