Rheinfelden as a health resort: tradition and modernity

Rheinfelden has been a certified Wellness Destination since 2015, but its salt and spa tradition dates back to the 19th century.


Rheinfelden as a fashionable spa town.

In 1837, workers discovered salt deposits not far from Rheinfelden. Shortly afterwards, the first brine bath opened, marking the beginning of the Rheinfelden spa and health resort. Hoteliers welcomed guests from Paris, Vienna and Russia.

Postkarte mit Bild des Soolbad-Anstalt Schützen Rheinfelden

The tradition of brine baths is continued by the wellness world «sole uno» and the EDEN brine bath. Since 2019, the salty water has even been used for shrimp production.

Rheinfelder Naturesole®.

Visit the poor baths and former hotels in the old town. Learn more about the healing properties of Rheinfelder Naturesole® (natural brine)and how Rheinfelden became a modern wellness destination thanks to the salt.


Stadtführer Robi Conrad mit einer Gruppe auf der Führung Rheinfelden als Kurort im Stadtpark

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