Albrechtsbrunnen am Albrechtsplatz mit Obertorturm

Albrechtsbrunnen at the Albrechtsplatz

Archduke Albrecht VI proudly towers over the fountain and overlooks the secluded Albrechtsplatz. However, the popular landmark stood in a different place for a long time before that.

Named after the Austrian Archduke Albrecht VI.

The Albrechtsbrunnen was first mentioned in 1442. However, the Rheinfelden standard bearer did not receive his present name - that of Archduke Albrecht VI (1418-1463) - until around a hundred years later. The fountain figure is a copy. The original, created in 1542, has been kept in the Fricktal Museum since its restoration in 1958/59.

In 1539 and 1618 the fountain received a new trough, the present double trough dates from 1850.

Albrechtsbrunnen am Albrechtsplatz mit Geissgeisse

Albrechtsbrunnen or Spitalbrunnen.

The fountain once stood directly next to the town hospital and was therefore also called the Spitalbrunnen. The hospital and adjacent properties were demolished in 1869 in order to widen Marktgasse, which runs to the north. The Albrechtsplatz, named after the fountain and Archduke Albrecht VI, was created on part of the vacated area.

The Albrechtsbrunnen is a listed monument and is part of the inventory of the Cantonal Monument Preservation Office of the Canton of Aargau.

Albrechtsbrunnen am Albrechtsplatz mit Obertorturm

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The figure is also called "Albrechtli" because of its too short legs.


The Albrechtsplatz can be reached from the Obertor in the direction of Geissgasse or from Marktgasse in the direction of Storchennestturm. The fountain is open to the public at all times.


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