Bienvenue à Rheinfelden-les-Bains

Madame Louise de Sancerre takes you to the spa treatment in 1911 at the luxury hotel Grand Hôtel des Salines. Enjoy this scenic guided tour of the spa town of Rheinfelden.


Madame Louise de Sancerre enjoys the spa treatment in Rheinfelden

She tells us why she keeps coming back to Rheinfelden and reports on how the cure goes. She is thrilled by the spa gardens with their secluded spots and magnificent trees. It's amazing who the lady meets during her stay at the spa and what she does to pass the time...


Susanne Ammann alias Louise de Sancerre auf der Stadtführung durch Rheinfelden

Sophisticated spa town of Rheinfelden.

During this time famous guests stayed in Rheinfelden and let themselves be pampered. Meet Madame de Sancerre and dive with her into the time when Rheinfelden was at the centre between Paris and Moscow.


Davina Benkert alias Louise de Sancerre auf einer Stadtführung durch Rheinfelden

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  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Price up to 24 persons: CHF 250.-
  • School class: CHF 180.-

Bookable for groups on any date.

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