Stadtpark West mit Liegen und Stern

City Park West

With stately trees, a spacious promenade and a direct border to the old town for walks, Stadtpark West is a popular retreat. In addition to a marble run, an outdoor fitness course and the Buvette Rhybar, the newly designed pond has also been part of the Stadtpark since 2023.

Green oasis.

With groups of trees, individual trees and some water elements such as fountains and the pond, the park corresponds in its characteristics to the English landscape garden style.


Stadtpark West mit Bäumen und Blumenbeet

Show pond with native mussels, crabs, geese and fish.

The pond was inaugurated in May 2023 by a Rheinfeld school class. The water birds as well as the fish can be observed by park visitors from two platforms protected by railings. The pond is designed as a show pond in line with the concept of the entire city park.

More information about the design

Weiher Stadtpark West Rheinfelden Schulklasse Einweihung

There is more to discover in the City Park West

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Good to know

There is a general ban on driving in the entire city park. The park is open to the public at all times.


  • Bus from Rheinfelden train station to Rheinfelden Parkresort bus stop.
  • Chargeable parking in the Storchenparking.


City of Rheinfelden
Municipal Construction Office
Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 52 55

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