Brauerei Feldschlösschen Rheinfelden mit Getreidefeld

Feldschlösschen Brewery

Beer has been brewed in Switzerland's most popular castle since 1876. Learn the whole story of Feldschlösschen beer here.

The farmer & the brewer.

Theophil Roniger, a brewer from the neighbouring village of Magden, and the wealthy farmer's son Mathias Wüthrich buy an old factory in Rheinfelden. They invest a lot of money in equipment and raw materials and found the "Kollektivgesellschaft Wüthrich & Roniger zum Feldschlösschen".

In the first year, 3,600 hectolitres of beer are produced. Even though the signs do not always point to success, the company grows steadily. In 1889, a direct railway siding is built to Rheinfelden station. The beer can now be transported all over Switzerland by train.

Historische Postkarte der Brauerei Feldschlösschen und Salmenbräu Rheinfelden

Architecture & beer at its best.

The architectural beauty of the picturesque Aargau industrial monument attracts many visitors. Especially at night, the castle illumination offers a unique atmosphere.

Feldschlösschen has stood for brewing culture since 1876 and is today the leading brewery as well as the largest beverage distributor in Switzerland.

Brauerei Feldschlösschen Rheinfelden bei Nacht

Further information

Good to know

The brewery is only 5 to 8 minutes' walk from Rheinfelden railway station.

The Day of Beer at the end of April is always celebrated with a big open day at the castle. There are many attractions, exciting short tours and of course cold beer.


Visit the Feldschlösschen brewery on a tour or in the visitor centre, the Feldschlösschen Brauwelt Rheinfelden. Afterwards you can indulge in fine brewery cuisine in the Feldschlösschen Restaurant.

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Feldschlösschen Beverages AG
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 (0)848 125 000

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