Altstadt Rheinfelden im Winter mit Schnee Luftaufnahme

Winter-Städtli Rheinfelden in Bildern

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In winter it is bleak, wet and cold in Rheinfelden ? Photographer Markus Raub did not have to rummage long in his collection and shows in 6 pictures that the old Argovian town has its magic and charm even in winter.

In the afternoon, Rheinfelden shows itself in its warm colors. The view down the Rhine fills one with a longing for adventure and for distant lands.

Messerturm Rheinfelden und Rheinbrücke im Winter mit Nachmittagslicht

Rheinfelden is surrounded by a lot of nature. Of forest and a bit of wilderness and of vastness.

Altstadt Rheinfelden mit Gwild und Rhein im Winter

Rheinfelden has many mystical faces and moments. The Rhine always provides a lot of melancholic moments, in which you also feel safe and sheltered at the same time.

Parkresort Rheinfelden, Rhein und Altstadt in Schwarz-Weiss im Winter

Rheinfelden would not be Rheinfelden without the most popular castle in Switzerland. It belongs to the town and is its landmark. It has already left its mark on me, whether with the view from the train or the car and before Rheinfelden became my new home.

Brauerei Feldschlösschen Rheinfelden im Winter mit Schnee

The Obertorplatz is for me the most beautiful square in all of Rheinfelden. One enters or drives through the gate majestically and feels directly transported to the Middle Ages.

Adventsfunkeln Obertorplatz Rheinfelden

Always surprising, is the bird's eye view of our beautiful Städtli. If it is then still freshly powdered, as here in the picture, it shines in a charming freshness.

Altstadt Rheinfelden im Winter mit Schnee Luftaufnahme


Markus Raub is a photographer and knows Rheinfelden like the back of his hand. Born in Basel, he has always been connected to the small town through the Rhine. He moved to Rheinfelden in 2010 and is committed to the Städli with heart and soul. There he is often on the road with a rolling suitcase full of cameras, lenses and ideas.

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