Kurbrunnenanlage von aussen


The Kurbrunnen, beautifully situated on the Rhine, is suitable for lectures and conferences, theatre and concerts, banquets and various festivities. It is wheelchair accessible and has a stage.

Conferences and art exhibitions on the Rhine.

The Kurbrunnen has a partially covered outdoor area that can be used for aperitifs. Two different halls are accessible from the foyer.

The Musiksaal with stage, beamer and loudspeaker system offers space for up to 300 people. In addition, an office and a cloakroom area for artists can be used in the basement.

The Trinkhalle is suitable for aperitifs, exhibitions and concerts. On the walls of the room are old, elaborately restored frescoes by Viktor Surbek, a large skylight makes the room very bright.

Kurbrunnenanlage Musiksaal Konferenzbestuhlung mit Bühne

Premises & number of persons.

  • Musiksaal. 255 m2, up to 162 persons (banquet seating).
  • Trinkhalle. 185 m2, up to 100 persons (without seating)
Kurbrunnen Trinkhalle

More information

Services & Equipment

  • Musiksaal: kitchen with refrigerator, hob, steamer, dishwasher, no crockery, beamer, flipchart, loudspeaker, microphone, lectern, tables, chairs, blackout.
  • Trinkhalle: kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher, without dishes, lectern, loudspeaker, microphone.

Address location

Habich-Dietschy-Strasse 14
4310 Rheinfelden


Contact & Renting

Kulturbüro Rheinfelden
Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 51 11

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