Gottesackerkapelle Stadtparkkapelle mit Bäumen

Stadtparkkapelle (Chapel)

The chapel was originally built in the first cemetery. Today it is part of the idyllic park and can be rented for weddings.

Chapel of the former cemetery.

The chapel stands in the picturesque park, adjacent to the old town of Rheinfelden. It was consecrated in 1598 with the first cemetery outside the town. This was built by the town because the town cemetery had become too small due to the plague. In addition, there was a fear that people could catch the plague. Since the chapel was outside the city walls, it was destroyed during the 30-year war. However, it was rebuilt in 1740.

Gottesackerkapelle Stadtparkkapelle Innen

Get married in the Stadtparkkapelle.

The chapel offers a beautiful setting for weddings (no civil weddings). The Stadtparkkapelle is no longer consecrated and can accommodate a maximum of 50 people inside.

Rent Stadtparkkapelle

Gottesackerkapelle Stadtparkkapelle mit Bäumen

Further information

Good to know

The chapel cannot be heated and therefore gets very cold in winter. It can accommodate a maximum of 50 people.

Use & Rent

The Stadtparkkapelle is not open to the public. For the key for viewing and rental inquiries, the Kulturbüro of Rheinfelden can be contacted.


Contact Rent

Kulturbüro Rheinfelden
Stadtbüro, Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 51 11

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