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Buy, book, order - in the tourism store you will find souvenirs, vouchers and gift items.

Tourism Shop: Souvenirs & Gifts.

Order your souvenir or the popular wrap fish in different colors directly online and have it delivered to your home. You can also find gift items, books, games and postcards in our online store. Alternatively, you can pick up and pay for all items at the tourist office.

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Rheinfelden Voucher: Give away a piece of Rheinfelden.

Whether for a shopping spree or a fine meal in a restaurant - this voucher can be redeemed at over 60 stores, restaurants and service providers. With the Rheinfelden voucher you will meet every taste.

The amount can be chosen freely. The purchase is possible on account, with Twint or credit card. Print out the voucher right at home or have the card sent to you by mail.

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Rheinfelder Gutschein Gutscheincode Karte

«Hopp Rhyfälde» voucher.

Since 2006, the city of Rheinfelden has adopted an annual motto. The goal is to inform and sensitize the population and guests about topics that should move them in the upcoming year. In 2023, the city may open a number of unique movement infrastructures such as the triple gymnasium Engerfeld, the checkroom building Schiffacker including clubhouse and a new street work-out facility.

As of now, the voucher in the design of the city's annual motto is available online and can be redeemed at all acceptance points.

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Logo Jahresmotto Hopp Rhyfälde

Do you still have a «Boncard»?

The previous Rheinfelden Pro Altstadt gift card is still valid. The "Boncards" that are currently in circulation will be transferred to the new system and can therefore continue to be redeemed at the redemption points of the new "Rheinfelder Gutschein".

Important: From now on, the parking fee of the Rheinfelden parking garages can no longer be paid with the "Boncard" and also not with the "Rheinfelder Gutschein".

Join in now.

Would you like to register your company or organization as a voucher partner so that you can receive the Rheinfeld vouchers at your premises? Register here. Information on registration, receiving the vouchers and payment can be found in this PDF.


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