The office of Tourismus Rheinfelden is located in the town office at the town hall. Our small team of thoroughbred tourism experts will help you with planning and with any questions you may have about your stay in Rheinfelden. We look forward to welcoming you to Rheinfelden.

Do you have a special request and are looking for direct contact? We are happy to be there for you.

Porträt Stéphanie Berthoud, Geschäftsführerin Tourismus Rheinfelden

Stéphanie Berthoud
Head of town office,
Managing Director Tourism Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 52 05

Porträt Rahel Toff, Produktemanagerin & E-Marketing

Rahel Toff
Product Manager & E-Marketing
+41 61 835 52 01

Porträt Corinne Udry, Sachbearbeiterin Tourismus

Ramona Herzog
Guest Consulting & Projects
+41 61 835 52 00

Porträt Barbara Jost, Kundenberaterin

Barbara Jost
Customer Advisor
+41 61 835 52 00

Porträt Brigitte Brügger

Brigitte Brügger
Project Manager Culture
+41 61 835 52 07

The most important players in the tourism destination sit on the board of Tourismus Rheinfelden.

Martin Sonderegger, Stéphanie Berthoud (Managing Director), Andreas Schmid, Urs Schnyder, Sven Malinowski, Franco Mazzi (President).

Vorstand Tourismus Rheinfelden 2019

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