Altstadt Fasnacht Dämmerung Rathaus Rheinfelden

Rheinfelden Carnival 2022

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The Rheinfelder Fasnacht may take place after all - but this year on a smaller scale due to the pandemic. The parade for the opening of the carnival with Frau Fasnacht, various square and Guggen concerts as well as the tradition to hand over Frau Fasnacht burning to the Rhine will take place.

Thursday, February 24, 2022: Carnival opening with parade.

At 8 pm the parade starts at the old customs. It leads over the Marktgasse to the Obertorplatz. There, at 8:11 pm, the official opening of the carnival will take place with Frau Fasnacht and an aperitif.

Carnival enthusiasts can celebrate the start of the fifth season with food and drinks in various lane-side pubs.

Frau Fasnacht beim Obertorplatz Rheinfelden

February 25 & 26: Guggen concerts.

On Friday, February 25, there will be small gourps of musicians meeting in the Old Town. Starting at 7:11 pm, musical performances will take place. In addition, various Gassen-Beizli offer drinks and food.

On Saturday, February 26, the Guggen Square Concert of local and foreign Guggen will start at 7.11 pm. Here, too, various outside stands of the restaurants will provide catering.

Maske Fasnachtsumzug Rheinfelden

Sunday, February 27: Small parade and burning of Mrs. Fasnacht

At 18.11 o'clock the procession starts at the Obertorplatz. It brings Frau Fasnacht to Schifflände. There, according to Rheinfelden tradition, she will be burned and handed over to the Rhine. Afterwards the Mehlsuppenessen (eating of flour soup) takes place on the Albrechtsplatz.

Fasnachtsumzug Rheinfelder Brücke

April 9 & 10: Mümpfeli

The Mümpfeli has already been postponed in advance due to the pandemic. It will take place as a carnival revival in the Kurbrunnensaal. The doors will open at 7 pm. Tickets can be bought at the Städtli-Kiosk Rheinfelden at Marktgasse 8.

Altstadt Fasnacht Dämmerung Rathaus Rheinfelden

Good to know

The Rheinfelder Fasnacht is somewhat smaller this year due to the pandemic. The cross-border carnival parade with Rheinfelden (Baden) has been cancelled. Also the Schnitzelbank evening, the Füürball and the children's carnival.

Frau Fasnacht

According to Rheinfelden tradition, Frau Fasnacht is hung from the Obertorturm at the opening of the carnival. From then on, she rules the city until the end of the carnival. Then she is placed on a kind of raft at the Schifflände, set on fire and handed over to the Rhine.


Rheinfeld Carnival
Roger Wendelspiess (President)

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