Adventsfunkeln Kutschenfahrten Feldschlösschen Hotel Schiff

«Die Kutschenfahrten zur Adventszeit sind ein Highlight für uns.»

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Hooves clattering on the cobblestones, bells jingling in the Christmas-lit old town... the majestic horses of the Feldschlösschen brewery are once again one of the highlights of this year's Advent sparkle. But the carriage rides require a lot of preparation. Aramis, the brewery horse himself, tells us exactly how it works.

When the birds chirp in the morning and the sun rises, it's high time for me and my six stablemates to get up. Because today is not just any day, today we are drawn to the beautifully decorated little town of Rheinfelden. The appearance in the old town does not pass us and our carters by without a trace. So that we can offer the people of Rheinfelden a wonderful Christmas season, it also needs optimal preparation from us.

In order to be well strengthened for the ride, there is already a tasty breakfast for us at 6.30 o'clock in the stable. After that, our halters are put on and we wait patiently next to the feed troughs while the carters muck out our boxes and distribute fresh straw and hay.

After the stable has been cleaned spotless, it comes to my highlight of the day: The massage. With the help of a hungry device that looks like the loud cleaning device of humans, the sweat and dust is removed from our fur. My friends and I enjoy this part of the day to the fullest. Afterwards you feel like newborn.

After we are brushed and groomed, we get our so-called «concentrated feed». This nutritious meal consists of oats, barley and corn and gives us energy for the next part of the day.

Kutschenfahrten Feldschlösschen Adventsfunkeln Pferde
- We also like to pose for a photo with our chic bridles

To make sure that we shine in our big appearance in the town, our bridles and harnesses are cleaned and polished by the carters. Finally, our wagon is equipped with benches and cushions so that our many dear guests can sit comfortably and snugly on the ride through the city.

Kutschenfahrten Feldschlösschen Adventsfunkeln Pferde beim Albrechtsplatz
- Simply beautiful: the old town of Rheinfelden decorated for Christmas.

When everything is ready, we get our harness and bridle and go in front of the wagon, where we are harnessed by the carters. Of course, our wagoners also put on their official wagoners' clothes and then we can start. We pick up the guests in front of the Feldschlösschen Brewery World and drive off in the direction of Rheinfelden's old town.

The brewery horses

Seven brewery horses live in the Feldschlösschen stables. The Belgian cold-blooded horses weigh around 900 kg each and are best known for their performances with the imposing six-in-hand carriage. During the week, Aramis & his horse colleagues deliver drinks to Feldschlösschen customers in the old town of Rheinfelden, run errands on the brewery premises or enjoy their free time on the pastures in front of the castle.

Would you like to learn more about the everyday life of the brewery horses? Then follow Aramis on Facebook or also on Instagram.

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