Wandern Sterneiche zwei Wanderer Wald Rheinfelden

Rheinfelder Sterneichen

Since 1944, nine star oaks have stood in various parts of the town's forest, representing the nine stars in Rheinfeld's coat of arms. On a hike through the Rheinfelden forest, you can visit these almost 300-year-old trees.

The 9 stars in the Rheinfelden coat of arms.

At the local citizens' meeting in 1944, Ernst Grell proposed that, as a symbolic sign for the stars in Rheinfeld's coat of arms, «nine oak trees should be kept in the forest as an inviolable landmark or left standing for all time to come». The request was accepted and the then forestry administrator Fritz Wunderlin designated a total of nine oaks - the star oaks - in all parts of the forest. They were marked with a red star and a consecutive number. Numbers 1, 4 and 7 have since had to be replaced. The remaining ones, however, are still the heraldic trees chosen in 1944.

the Rheinfelden coat of arms

Wandern Sterneiche sechs Baumstamm und Blätter Rheinfelden

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Good to know

The star oaks are various indigenous oaks. Some of these are up to 300 years old.


The star oaks are located in different parts of the forest and are accessible to the public at all times.


City of Rheinfelden Forestry Administration
Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 52 45

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