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Rheinfelden - a centre for salt: The Rheinfelden region is home to two of the three sites in Switzerland where salt is mined. Without the discovery of salt deposits, there would be no brine baths and our food would be bland. The best way to find out why salt is vital and what role Rheinfelden plays in this is to visit the site. Here you can experience the mineral in all its facets.

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Did you know?

The human body consists of about 70% of its weight in water. The salt content creates a pressure to which the body owes its stable shape and strength. Therefore, the continuous supply of salt is vital.

But the white gold can do much more: it has a beneficial effect on the body, the joints and the skin. It is also an important ingredient in pharmaceuticals. And as de-icing salt, it ensures that we get through the winter without ice.

Where does the salt come from?

How does salt get onto the plate and onto the road? Visit the two salt works near Rheinfelden and get to the bottom of the white gold.

Rheinfelder Natursole®.

The basis of the bathing pleasures in the Rheinfeld brine baths of Hotel EDEN and the sole uno wellness world is Rheinfelder Natursole®. Find out more about the health-promoting brine and how it gets into the brine baths.

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The salt from here for at home.

Salt plays an important role not only in industry. We also encounter the white gold at home: be it as table salt, regenerating salt for the dishwasher, in the form of scrubs or as a bath additive. In the salt shop of the Swiss Salt Works you can browse through numerous salts for all areas of life.

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And where does the salt go?

In addition to pharmaceuticals and agriculture, salt and brine has numerous other applications. For example, it forms the basis for the Rheinfeld SwissShrimps. The waste heat from the saltworks is used to breed the shrimps. The salt mixture also comes directly from there. Find out more about this on the guided tour of the shrimp farm. Or go on a journey through the history of salt. Either on your own on the salt trail or and book a guided tour with a guide and enjoy a delicious 3-course salt menu on the way.