EDEN Solebad Aussenbereich mit Rheinfelder Natursole

Rheinfelder Natursole® (Natural Brine)

The basis of the bathing pleasures in the Rheinfeld brine baths of the Hotel EDEN and the sole uno wellness world is Rheinfeldens natural brine ®.

The brine, one of the strongest in Europe, is extracted from a depth of 200 metres and piped to Rheinfelden.

There it is mixed with the Rheinfelden drinking water and heated. Rheinfelder Natursole® relaxes cramped and aching muscle groups and improves the function of joints and the spine. It also promotes active blood circulation, stimulates breathing and has a positive influence on disorders of the vegetative nervous system and skin metabolism.

SalzReich Soleinhalationsgrotte in der Wellness-Welt sole uno

Rheinfelder Natursole® is an officially protected brand name. It must not be confused with conventional saline solution or artificial salt baths.

Rheinfeld brine baths.

In the indoor and outdoor pools of the EDEN brine bath, the brine is diluted to 9% with alkaline spring water rich in calcium and magnesium, and heated to 33°C.

In the intensive brine pool of the wellness world "sole uno" you can relax weightlessly floating in 36° warm water with 12% salt content while listening to soft underwater music. The outdoor and indoor pools also have a salt content of about 3%.

Intensiv-Solebecken in der Wellness-Welt sole uno


Rheinfelden has been one of 9 award-winning wellness destinations since 2015.

Based on strictly regulated criteria, the Swiss Tourism Association awards those destinations every three years that focus on recreation, relaxation and active health promotion for their guests.


The Rheinfelder Natursole® provided the basis for Rheinfelden to develop into a sophisticated spa resort in the middle of the 19th century.

However, the modern term "wellness" does not only mean bathing and massage. Hiking, cycling, healthy eating, mindfulness, prevention and much more that serves to actively promote health are all part of it.

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