Albrechtsbrunnen am Albrechtsplatz mit Obertorturm

Zähringerplatz with fountain

Zähringerplatz is one of the central squares in Rheinfelden, where concerts and other events also take place. It is located between Bahnhofstrasse and Marktgasse.

Metzig fountain made of Solothurn limestone.

Originally built in 1828, the Metzig Fountain stood directly by the slaughterhouse and Metziggasse at that time. Today the fountain stands on the opposite side of the square. It is made of Solothurn limestone and its oval bowl bears the city coat of arms with the nine stars as well as the year. A garland decorated vase adorns the fielded stick.

Albrechtsbrunnen am Albrechtsplatz mit Geissgeisse

A square dedicated to the Zähringers.

The name of the square refers to the rule of the Zähringers. Rheinfelden was elevated to a town by Duke Konrad of Zähringen around 1130.
This makes Rheinfelden the oldest Zähringen town in Switzerland.

However, the square does not look as it does today until 1983, when the street space was expanded. Moreover, the Zähringers did not build squares, but wide streets - like Rheinfelden's Marktgasse.

Albrechtsbrunnen am Albrechtsplatz mit Obertorturm

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The fountain is often used by locals for fountain bathing on hot days. The water is drinkable.


Zähringerplatz can be reached from the train station via Bahnhofstrasse as well as through the central Marktgasse and Rumpelgasse.


Municipality of Rheinfelden
Town office, Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 51 11

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