Luftansicht des Storchennestturms mit Sicht auf die Altstadt und den Rhein und die Rheinbrücke Rheinfelden

Stork's Nest Tower / Copper Tower

The eastern tower of the old town is home to the storks. The tower room can be rented and offers a view of the roofs of the old town.

Tower for the defence of the town.

The first tower dates from the 13th century and was built by the town of Rheinfelden in the course of the town expansion at that time. At that time there was no passage or gate. Today's tower is 28 metres high. The bullet marks on the east side bear witness to the Swedish attack during the 30 Years' War.

The Stork's Nest Tower is not open to the public. However, those who wish to visit it can do so as part of a guided tour of the town and enjoy the beautiful view over the old town alleys. The tower room can also be rented

Storchennestturm oder Kupferturm mit Kupfergasse Rheinfelden

Klaus Heilmann, city guide since 1977

Stadtführer Klaus Heilmann

"Are they here, the long-bills! And if they even have young, then it's a little quieter up in the Storchennestturm. Because from the balcony of this former copper gate tower, the view of our little town is simply magnificent! I like to stay there with my guests, who can't take enough pictures with their mobile phones or cameras.

I myself enjoy this view over and over again, together with my memories of the old stork father, to whom we boys were always allowed to carry the little food fish up to almost the top. Those were the days - and fortunately they live on, even at the top of the eyrie, hopefully every year anew!"

In summer the eyrie is inhabited by storks.

They return from the south every year and raise their young. Since storks are loyal to the eyrie, it is assumed that the same pair of storks returns to the stork nest tower year after year. Storks can live up to 20 years.

Nature and Bird Protection Society

Störche auf dem Storchennestturm Rheinfelden mit Jungtieren

Fly with the storks high above the old town

Apéro oder Sitzung im Storchennestturm.

Für kleine Anlässe bis zu 13 Personen, wie Apéros im Rahmen einer Stadtführung, kann die Turmstube gemietet werden. Im Dachgeschoss befindet sich eine offene Terrasse mit Sicht auf die Altstadt. Der Storchennestturm ist nicht rollstuhlgängig und nur über die Turmtreppe zugänglich. Es besteht keine Infrastruktur ausser einer einfachen WC-Anlage. 

Raumvermietungsangebot der Stadt Rheinfelden

Storchennestturm Rheinfelden: Turmstube als Mietraum für Sitzungen

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The bullet holes on the outside of the tower are from the Swedish attack. During the renovation, their traces were retouched except for a narrow strip.

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