Interregio Wanderweg Rheinbrücke mit Blick auf die Altstadt Rheinfelden

Interregio hiking trail

Three countries - one path. Hike the border triangle between Switzerland, France and Germany.

Get to know a fascinating and varied piece of Europe!

Since the 1980s, the cross-border trail has been inspiring. Revised and newly marked invites you to discover the three-country region. In 11 stages and a total length of 210 kilometres, you can hike the highlights of the three-country region. The trail crosses the Rhine twice and offers an insight into a region of Europe that is worth seeing in terms of landscape, culture and economy. The stage towns are generally well connected to local public transport.

Wanderwegweiser Rheinfelden im Wald mit zwei Wanderern

Stage locations.

Germany: Neuenburg am Rhein, Bad Bellingen, Kandern, Steinen, Rheinfelden (Baden).
Switzerland: Rheinfelden (AG), Liestal (BL), Aesch (BL), Rodersdorf (SO)
France: Ferrette, Altkirch, Mulhouse

Interregio Wanderweg Rheinbrücke mit Blick auf die Altstadt Rheinfelden

More information

Highlights on this hike

  • City of Mulhouse
  • crossing the Rhine twice
  • three countries, two language regions, one trail

Information about the route

  • Route: 210km
  • Duration: 11 stages of 3h30 to 8h00 each
  • Difficulty: easy to medium
  • Start/finish: any place along the route

Elevation profile and map


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