Undiscovered - Hidden Stories in the Church of St. Martin

Experience stories in the town church. Take a look behind the choir stalls and altars. Astonishment is guaranteed!


Secular things within consecrated walls.

You will be surprised how many "aha-experiences" this 1000-year-old church has to offer. You will feel a shiver when you come face to face with contemporary witnesses of the plague epidemics. You will also learn how much of today's everyday language originated in medieval churches. With its age, the St. Martin's Church has already experienced a lot. It has been continuously rebuilt, renewed and improved. Therefore, many different architectural styles and art forms are recognizable.


Stadtführer Robi Conrad mit einer Gruppe auf der Kirchenführung in der Kirche St. Martin Rheinfelden

A rarity: the Rheinfelden Lenten Cloth.

And if you plan your visit during Lent (between Carneval and Easter), you will discover something extremely rare: one of two hunger or fasting cloths still actively used in Switzerland. It hangs above the main picture of the high altar and can only be seen up close during church tours.


Fastenhuch oder Hungertuch in der Stadtkirche St. Martin Rheinfelden


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Barrier-free city tour.

We are happy to accommodate your individual wishes. Do you have participants with walking difficulties? Please let us know so that the guides can take this into account. The route will then be planned in such a way that there are sufficient seats available at short intervals. City tours are also possible for people in wheelchairs. The tour and sights are slightly adapted so that no insurmountable stairs prevent the experience.

This tour is also possible for people in wheelchairs. St. Martin's Church has a small landing. By opening the double doors, entry with a wheelchair is possible without any problems.

Enter this in the comments field when booking online or give us a call.

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  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Price up to 24 persons: CHF 190.-
  • School classes: CHF 150.-

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