Life, Love & Suffering in the Middle Ages

Immerse yourself in the lives of people in the Middle Ages. Visit scenes where innocent people were denounced and witches were scorned. This tour is also suitable for school classes.


The Middle Ages.

The Roman Empire, with its vast array of knowledge, collapses with the invasion of primitive tribes from the north. A dark and science-poor time begins...

Find out which customs and idioms have their origins in the Middle Ages. And why beer experienced a revival.


Stadtführer Robi Conrad mit einer Gruppe auf der Stadtführung Leben, Lieben und Leiden im Mittelalter Altstadtgasse Rheinfelden

Hard work & rays of hope.

The city guides take you on a journey into the dark times. The life of the common people in Rheinfelden was marked by work and fear. The influence of the church increased steadily and a monastery was also built in Rheinfelden. But there are also positive and funny stories to tell about those times: for example, there is still an outhouse in Rheinfelden today.


Stadtführer Robi Conrad auf der Stadtführung Leben, Lieben und Leiden im Mittelalter beim Stadtpark und der Gottesackerkapelle Rheinfelden

Further information

Highlights on this tour

  • Historic Old Town
  • Pillory and Knife Tower (interrogation room)
  • Town church St. Martin

Information about the city tour

  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Price up to 24 persons: CHF 190.-
  • School class: CHF 160.-

Bookable for groups from 8 persons on any date.

Booking & request

Tourismus Rheinfelden
Stadtbüro, Marktgasse 16
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 835 52 00

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