Bloody hell!... to Rheinfelden

Visit the executioner Mengis and experience the cruel justice in the Middle Ages.


Meet Hangman Mengis.

The last executioner in Rheinfelden was called Theodor Mengis. He carried out all the death sentences pronounced in civil trials in Switzerland from 1879 to 1918.

On this eerily creepy tour, you will accompany the executioner Mengis through the old town. Learn his stories about justice, what his life was like and how the executions took place.


Kurt Rosenthaler als Henker Mengis mit einer Gruppe im Vorzimmer des Rathaussaal Rheinfelden

The executioners had a very ambivalent life.

On the one hand, they became very wealthy, because they often traveled to other towns and areas, which, in the absence of their own right to judge, had to appoint and pay an out-of-town executioner; on the other hand, they were extremely outlawed people, so in many towns they even had to live outside the city walls. In the church, too, the executioner probably always sat in a separate place right at the entrance.


Kurt Rosenthaler als Henker Mengis mit einer Gruppe in der Kirche St. Martin Rheinfelden


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Barrier-free city tour.

We are happy to accommodate your individual wishes. Do you have participants with walking difficulties? Please let us know so that the guides can take this into account. The route will then be planned in such a way that there are sufficient seats available at short intervals.

This tour is also possible for people in wheelchairs. However, the town hall cannot be visited. St. Martin's Church has a small landing. By opening the double doors, entry with a wheelchair is possible without any problems.

Enter this in the comments field when booking online or give us a call.

Further information

Highlights on this tour

  • Scenic tour with the hangman Mengis
  • Creepy tour through the old town

The tour is not suitable for children under 10 years.

Information about the city tour

  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Price up to 24 persons: CHF 230.-
  • School class: CHF 180.-

Bookable for groups on any date.

Booking & request

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4310 Rheinfelden
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