Zaraz Catering Gemüse Salat Rheinfelden


Zaraz catering and party service has existed for almost 10 years and is suitable for both companies and individuals. At Zaraz everything revolves around unique event experiences with the aim of spoiling the guests with taste at the highest level.

Where the name Zaraz comes from.

Zaraz - behind this name is not only the first name of Araz, the founder and owner of ZARAZ GmbH. The Polish word "Zaraz" means as much as "equal" / "immediately" or "quickly" or also "directly" and shall reflect the philosophy of the company, in which fast and uncomplicated services are offered.


Zaraz Catering Dessert Früchte Rheinfelden

Culinary pampering from A to Z.

The Zaraz team takes care of corporate events, weddings or private events and enchant the guests with finger food, plate service at the table or grill catering. In addition, there is the appropriate beverage accompaniment and be it food or drink, at Zaraz value is placed on seasonal and regional products.


zaraz Catering Dessertvariationen Rheinfelden

More information

Good to know

  • Catering, specialties and equipment for various occasions
  • Regional and seasonal menus
  • Production and delivery of lunch menus for canteens and schools with Zaraz Gastronomie GmbH

The company

  • Zaraz has been around for over 10 years, a Rheinfelde company
  • Founder Araz Abram brings in his own years of experience in various restaurants in six different countries

Zaraz Catering & Party Service
In the forest yard 1
4310 Rheinfelden
+41 61 831 51 51


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