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Discover the Amazon of Switzerland! The Aargau section of the Hochrhein stretches from the small town of Kaiserstuhl to the former Roman metropolis of Kaiseraugst. - before flowing on to Basel, Germany and the Netherlands and finally emptying into the North Sea.

Unspoilt nature on the High Rhine.

The Hochrhein (High Rhine) flows between Lake Constance and Basel, largely forming the natural border between Germany and Switzerland here. The Aargau section lies between the small town of Kaiserstuhl and the former Roman metropolis of Augusta Raurica (Kaiseraugst). Here the river flows unhindered through the landscape for long stretches. The Aargauer Hochrhein is a natural lifeline for plants, animals and people - a refreshingly unspoilt natural gem.

Aargauer Hochrhein Rümikon

Vibrant wildlife on the banks of the Rhine.

Beavers, frogs and kingfishers feel at home on the banks of the Aargauer Hochrhein. The animals find breeding and nesting sites in the floodplain "Chly Rhy", a floodplain landscape of national importance. People from Switzerland and abroad draw energy from the untapped power of the water on the Aargauer Hochrhein.

Aargauer Hochrhein Aue Chly Rhy Rietheim

Discover the High Rhine by bike or on foot.

The fascinating habitat is suitable for a discovery tour on foot or by bike, with the banks inviting you to linger at a barbecue or take a refreshing dip.

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Rhine Route cycle route

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Good to know

The section of the Aargauer Hochrhein begins in the very east of the canton in the small town of Kaiserstuhl and ends in the former Roman metropolis of Augusta Raurica (Kaiseraugst).

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