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Upper Gate Tower 01 Upper Gate Tower  ...a tower clock that seems not to know what time it is
Winkelgasse 02 Alleyways of the Old Town  a "Diagon Alley" that was in existence long before Harry Potter
Rogues' Alley 03 Rogues' Alley  a refuge for knaves and rascals...
The pillory 04 The pillory  …and the opposite of a place of refuge
The Knife Tower 05 Knife Tower  a knife made of stone that cuts through the water
The fat goat 06 The fat goat  a brave little tailor saves the town
Frog Meadow 07 Frog Meadow  where frogs used to dwell
St. Anne's Hole 08 St Anne's Hole  the golden bell and the murderous underwater maelstrom
The Stork's Nest Tower 09 Mayor Gast  the local nobleman who returned from the dead
St Martin's Church 10 St Martin's Church  where Bernard of Clairvaux worked miracles and called on people to join the crusades
Rudolf von Rheinfelden 11 Rudolf von Rheinfelden  the severed hand of a king which was the inspiration for a detective story
The Fricktal Experiment 12 The Fricktal experiment  half-hearted canton capital for a year

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